Sunday, April 26, 2009

Country roads, take me home

4,958 miles, and 4 weeks.......It's been a long and wild road for us, but we arrived safely in Morgantown late last night. We got the chance to visit with my dear friend Misha in Asheville, NC, at her amazingly beautiful school, Warren Wilson College. We attempted to lindy hop the night before, after hearing that Asheville had an awesome scene. They were having a benefit dance for a rescue mission. It was really small and had live music with four musicians, they played fun country/swing. We were the only lindy hoppers there, but we had fun dances with each other for sure. The next morning to Misha's school, for a tour of beautiful gardens, veggies, and herbs. We saw the baby piglets and I touched their cute little noses, they get so ugly when they grow up, I know that's mean, but crikey! Misha toured us around the downtown, and showed us the health food stores, and a chocolate cafe, I kid you not, an entire cafe devoted to truffles, and cake! Yummy! It was great to see Mish, and get inspiration for the garden.

We were really ready to be off the road and wanted bed and shower.... so we went for the long haul and Brian drove the 6 hours to Morgantown. His family were all gathered in the house for a cousin's baby shower that Brain's mom hosted today. It was a long drive, it was late, 2am, we were exhausted..... but now we are here, and a new chapter has begun. It's warm and there is so much to do for the garden... I am hoping I can get my aunt Cathy to come up from Grafton and play in the dirt with me. Thank you to all of you for kind words, and thoughts, I'll maybe update later and let you know how things are coming. Blessings!!!


  1. The last photo of this post is fantastic!
    I have those exact same shoes too!
    Glad to hear you two arrived safely! I will miss your blog updates. It has been very enjoyable to live my dream of a cross-country road trip vicariously thru you two.

  2. So cute! Congrats! I have enjoyed following your adventures. Sending lots of love to Morgantown.