Monday, April 6, 2009

Grand Canyons and Rocky Mountains

It's been a few well traveled days. We left Prescott, and went to Jerome and Sedona on Friday evening, to ponder the beautiful landscape, crimson cliffs, miles of red earth and overwhelming tourism and growth. The sky was perfect, big blue, and full of chubby white clouds. The wind of course followed us, and kept us from doing too much exploring, though we got to go for a nice run, through the national forest (a forest of rocks rather than trees) in the morning. So Saturday we left and headed north, we drove over the magnificent oak creek canyon, and went to the Sunset Crater Volcano national monument, and the Wupakti national monument. There are Native American ruins there, and we were able to explore some that were popular spots in the 1100's. Pretty sweet.
We have decided to change our route some, after the wind and, cold we've met, going further north sounds... un-enticing. So we scratched Utah, Wyoming and of course Montana of the list, and decided to head eastward to Colorado where Brian's family will be for Easter. So, on Saturday we continued to drive through Flagstaff, and veered of to the west to taste the Grand Canyon. Made it to the edge for a beautiful and crisp sunset, made camp and yummy spaghetti in a nearby national forest, and returned in the morning, for more breathtaking views. I guess we are all tourists here.
Yesterday, Sunday we drove for what seemed like all day through some serious out of this world land scapes, got to the Four Corners National Monument 7 minutes after they had locked the gates, oops. We could have stayed, and slept nearby, stood in four states all at the same time in the morning, but we chose to call it a good laugh and drive on. We entered New Mexico, left it just as soon, and arrived in Colorado. We'd spent hours driving through the Navajo nation and my mind was rolling with this country's unfair and bloody history, it's such a shame the way humans can behave, it's hard to believe, but that's a whole different story, for another time.
Now to where we are, this is Cortez Colorado, my first time in Colorado. We slept next to snow last night, and we can see the snow peaked Rockies. Onward to the east, for ethanol and Taos, New Mexico.
By the way... today is day 2, that I am hive free!!!!! I doused myself with neem oil in Prescott and Sedona, they seem to be gone, and I am hope full they shall, not ever return.

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