Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thought Mixer

Upon asking myself why I have 4 blogs that I never seem to update, I came to the conclusion that I needed to blend my thoughts and ideas into one larger pot. A place where I can share fabulous recipes, adventures, and the wonders of this beautiful life. So I've decided to take over this blog formerly know as "The Adventures of Natigan", and turn it into the one and only. I suppose that blogging is a bit like a public journal, a thought that frightens me a wee bit, but I realize I need to get over it. Most likely very few if any people will ever read this, nor will they really care what I have to ramble on about. Since my pen and paper journaling has come to a stand still over the past few years... happiness tends to have that affect on my "Dear Diarys", I intend to give writing a more worthy online attempt. 
That's just the thing you see, I love to write, always have. Wrote my first chapter story when I was in the Junior High, been an avid letter writing pen-pal since the third grade and have 3 novels that are off to very good starts.... but they seem to stay that way.... as good starts. I even have the beginnings of a romance novel under my belt! Don't tell my Granny. So here we have it a place to write and rant, a place to let the thoughts roll out and fly free through the ether waves. 
My beautiful 19 month old little girl is asleep in the closet. Yes, she sleeps in our closet. ​ Actually it wasn't originally a closet at all, more like a small changing room. You see we live in a pool house, it's a really beautiful pool house. My aunt and uncle live in the main house, and we've been here for 2.5 years. It's a wonderful home in beautiful Windsor CA.  Anyhow, we turned that little room into a sort of walk in closet, and when the baby was born we needed a place for her crib, so... that's where she is. We hope to be moving within the next 4 or 5 months, my papa is building us a house on my folks property. If only we could start building  today! Alas we are still waiting for the darn permits. Blah! But that's a story for another day. 
My child is asleep and I cross my fingers that she will stay that way for at least another half hour, preferably an hour. It is rough having such brief "me time" during the day. I am 18 weeks pregnant with number 2, so I know that my so called "me time" is about to be blown out the window. Pregnancy is such a wild journey, I doubt a woman is ever really prepared for so many changes and such a ride. Most of us are never really prepared to gain  a bunch of weight, no matter what the reason.​ I already miss my size 26 skinny jeans, my 113 lb version of me. But hey, baby needs more than that to nourish it's little self, so bring on the jiggle! The emotional ride is something else, unexpected scenes in movies bring me to tears, my mama bear anger starts in when people cut me off on the freeway, or when they pass me in the right hand lane (sorry folks but that lane is for entering and exiting the freeway, or for slow pokes, usually me), or heaven forbid when they don't use their turn signals! Really people, come on! But I just breathe, say my little mantra and turn up the Elizabeth Mitchell CD so Lyra and I can rock out. 
Happy Wednesday!​
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