Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cozied Up With the Mountain Mama

Happy New Year everyone! It's so crazy that February 2010 is already upon us! But what a wonderful year it promises to be. Brian and I had a fantastic trip to Santa Rosa over Christmas. We got to see our families, friends and go dancing!(A special thank you to Clay for throwing that impromptu dance party). It was also wonderful to announce our engagement to everybody in person. To those of you whom I didn't get a chance to see, we shall play next time.

It's still cold as can be here. There is a light coat of snow on the ground and icicles hanging from the bottom of the truck. I feel tucked away here, like I am in a little cup inside the beautiful Appalachian mountains, the mountain mama. I've been back at work, 5 days a week now instead of 6. It's rather nice to have that extra time off. Both Brian and I have been walking to and from work and school. It's a 30 minute walk one way so by the time I get back to the house I'm ready to put on the ol' snowman pjs, cook dinner and read a book! Speaking of cooking dinner, I started a new blog about being in love and cooking! Here's the link if you'd like to check it out. http://lovestandsachance.blogspot.com/

Wedding plans are slowly coming together, I'm so glad that we have time to take care of everything, and so much wonderful west coast help. It's hard to do a whole lot from out here. I am so excited to celebrate our upcoming marriage! Another bit of great news... one of my best friends Shalane, who happens to be my cousin is getting married in May. Her fiance Aaron proposed to her on Christmas Eve! I am in the wedding so we will be coming back to the West at the end of May, it will be a shorter visit, but hopefully we shall dance some and see some people. And after that..... it looks like we will be taking another road trip back across the country, and moving back to CA! We are trying to decide whether or not to take the truck again, she needs some work. We also have the Karmann Ghia and the scooter, but then we would have to figure out a way to get all of our stuff over. Ha! It will be another adventure, isn't life amazing!