Thursday, April 23, 2009

Way down in Arkansas

Looks like we really aren't in Kansas anymore. Drove through into Missouri, and South to Arkansas. Missouri didn't really move me, but we weren't there for very long anyways. When we entered Arkansas it seemed like we drove into a different planet, Arkansas is beautiful. Everything was green, green and lush as far as the eye could see. Flowers were blooming everywhere, crimson colored clover blossoms line the roads, and white dogwood blossoms giggle in the green forests. It had an almost tropical feeling, and really took my breath away, after so many mountain and desert sights, not that those aren't amazing too.
We went to visit my friend Ken in Hot Springs, AR. He's my closest girlfriend Abra's father, and I've known him for years. He showed us around an almost ghostly town, and we went to a lovely little Ecuadorian restaurant. We stayed with him and Abra's sweet Grandma that night, it's always such a relief to have a real bed, even a fold out sofa, and even if there is an insanely loud grandfather clock that is set to chime every fifteen minutes throughout the house. It was still great.
We went South the next day, through the breath taking country side, and continued to count the dead armadillos on the side of the road, there are too many, poor little ones. Brian had his heart set on going to the Crater of Diamonds State Park, and finding a massive rock to pay off his old student loans. So we went.... it was weird. You pay to get into this giant plowed field of dirt and rocks, you can rent digging equipment, and basically good luck! It was one of the more strange scenes I'd seen in some time, I pretended I was on another planet. You look out across this dirt field and see people sporadically dotting the view, digging, sifting, sitting in the hot sun, hoping to make it big. It's like really hot, dirty, gambling. So Brian and I played around and didn't find much but some pretty rocks, Jasper and such. He was bummed, he didn't find the big one.
As beautiful as Arkansas was, I can't really imagine living there, at least any of the spots that we went. Yesterday we crossed the big ol' Mississippi River, and into Memphis, TN. We found the whole foods, and a Lindy hop venue. It was a great time, Memphis seems really swell. Dancing was good, the DJ came down to dance with me and I found out that he was from Petaluma! Small world. They were so kind to us, asking us to dance and the DJ offered us his spare room.... so different from the Denver scene, or any scene I've been to, other than Ellington of course. We stayed at his house last night, most comfortable bed ever, well a close 2nd behind Abras, showers, we are ready to roll. We may check out some more dancing here in Tennessee, but then it's on to Ashville, NC, to visit Misha, though I hear there's dancing there too. Woo Hoo!!!!

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