Thursday, April 2, 2009

California deserts to Arizona sun

I've decided to upgrade my method of communing with all of you, to blogging. At first I was hesitant, but I've been told not to knock it until I've tried it. So here goes....

As most of you know, I've set out on a 6 week long road trip with my love Brian, we are travelling via his 1971, big, baby blue, ford F100, lovingly called Pam. It's packed to the brim, the camper shell houses most of our belongings and a bed, where we are sleeping. Attached to the truck is a small modified trailer (Thanks papa)... we call the trailer Greggy, he tows Brian's scooter Gloria, and 36 gallons of ethanol, the fuel for the truck. Yep we are going across this country running on moonshine. This isn't an ordinary road trip, because my plan doesn't include a return route, I'm planning to move to Morgantown, West Virginia with Brian. His mom has a house and land where we will stay and create a big organic garden.

The following is the first email I sent out, so it may be a repeat for you, but check below and new news will follow......

Hello everyone, day three of this here journey, and I am sending you all the first of my stories. let me know if you'd rather not receive my garble, or if you have a different email address that you'd prefer. Well now, we finally got everything together and left on Saturday morning. We spent all of Thursday and Friday packing up Pam, the truck and little greggy, the trailer. Friday night we watched, "The secret life of bees" with my mama, and i guess the thought of honey, bees, and their hives triggered my body to break out in a horrible case of hives on Saturday morning. All that aside ... I decided to say what the heck and head down the road that morning. I thought they'd get better, but they've been a 3 day long suffering. Saturday we drove to Lancaster to see the poppy reserve, and the winds here were insane, to the point that the poppies were hiding and there was not much to do in 50mph winds, so we left, and drove on and on, right about to the town of Ludlow, that is to the off ramp to the town of Ludlow, and Pam done died. Something with the axle, and bearings, and we came to a scary halt, where the brakes hardly seemed to be doing their jobs. 1 and 1/2 hours of waiting for a tow truck driver from Barstow to come and take us on an hour ride back the direction we'd just come from, arriving late night in a tow/ auto shop parking lot with a sad sad truck.... we were doing our best to stay optimistic. We survived the night eating salmon (thank you David and Cirkl), and avocado... and sleeping next to a noisy metal shop door. But we laughed and made due, plotted to buy this beautiful 1964 orange mustang and pack it up with our goods and take that across the country. Anyhow, it's 3:43 and I'm pretty sure Pam is mostly fixed up, much cheaper then I'd thought it would cost us, and soon we'll be out on the road again, maybe to the drive in movie theatre here in Barstow, I've always wanted to do that. Now if only my health would be back to 100% then we'd be ready to rock. Thank you everyone for all of your love, and salmon, and goji berries, and building trailers before we left, you rock! I send you my love and hope you are all well, and the weather is a bit less windy where you are.

New stuff....

Two nights ago we stayed at the Mohave national preserve, near Michell Caverns. It was painfully beautiful, vast stretches of desert, and thick plateaus and mountains, all covered in cacti, yucca, and desert brush that are beginning to bloom. It was so lovely. Besides an extremely windy morning and another itchy restless night, we took a tour of the Michell caverns. Our tour guide Daryl was awesome, he'd been doing it for years and was brimming with knowledge and silly cavern jokes, we went inside to mountain and beheld stalactites and stalagmites galore... quite a site! I felt we could have camped there for a least a week, but we were running a bit behind in our plans, so headed out in the afternoon and coasted for 16 miles from the campsite to the hwy..... pretty sweet, and onward... to Arizona. ( Where apparently it's legal to ride a four wheeler on the main road, without a helmet..... there was a cop right behind them, so it must be legal.)

We arrived last night in Prescott AZ, and were thrilled to find multiple health food stores in town. Prescott rocks! This is our measure of how cool a city is, it's Currently I am sitting in a dorm room at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where our dancing friend Carrie goes to school. My hives returned this morning, I'm so bummed. It seemed they had finished yesterday, but no such luck, it's now day 6 of their horrid existence and I may go insane. Perhaps I am allergic to something I'm eating, I am working on it..... they will be gone soon, within the next few minutes I'm sure. I'm off to breakfast, hope y'all are well, much love.

P.S.... I'll add some pictures soon!


  1. Hope Carrie treats you right. Big hugs to all of you. Can't wait to see pictures.
    Love, Betsy

  2. thanks for the blog-info. i like photos. I'm very happy to hear your adventuring and travelling and especially planting a big O garden! Hope potatoes and snap peas find thier way into it. Also! Fruit trees are great to plant. I'm doing an orchard and garden myself right now!!

  3. You're pictures are breathtaking Nat! I'm so sorry to hear about your hives. I hope they go away soon and hugs from afar. (Cullen)

  4. Stunning pictures!!!!Carrie said she had an awesome time dancing with you two. Love you all.

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  6. let's try this again:
    thanks for posting!
    yea photos!

  7. I love reading your blogs, your way of writing is so authentic and poetic and...well, you! I feel like you are bringing me with you when I read. I miss you dear love, and I am so happy that your adventures are more comfortable for ya now. Sounds amazing!