Monday, April 13, 2009

Rocky Mountain High... Colorado.

Well, we lucked out and found a swing dance spot last Tuesday night in Albuquerque, sorta lucked out. It actually wasn't all that exciting, we mainly danced with each other, but oh well, it was an adventure. We drove through Taos and I tried to remember the name of the novel that had given me a desire to travel to Taos, I can't remember it, and Taos is super touristy. It's beautiful though, Taos means, "the place of red willows". I didn't see any willows, but the Rio Grand Gorge is lovely and Taos mountains are not too shabby at all. It was fun driving from Taos into Colorado, there are signs for deer, elk, horse, and bighorn sheep crossing. (We only saw horses but the signs were cool).
We came to Colorado Springs last Wednesday night, with a wonderfully warm welcome from Brian's cousin Lisa. We've basically been perched up in her house for 6 days now, visiting with various extent ions of Brian's family, his mom and brother both flew in for the holiday. It's been really fun and relaxing, lots of cooking, and big Italian style meals and gathering. Colorado Springs is super beautiful. Huge snow peaked mountains to the west, and other natural wonders, cool rock formations and big sky. It snowed here yesterday morning, it was breath taking, first time I've seen it actually snowing in a long time, it was a winter wonderland. We built another snowman, but a big one, with bell peppers for nose and mouth. His family is wonderful and they are taking such care to make sure our stay is good.
I think I could live here..... but I'll try Morgantown first. I think tomorrow we will head to Denver and check out the Lindy scene there, hopefully it'll prove to be more entertaining than Albuquerque, then hitting the road to Kansas on Wednesday, that'll be interesting, I hope to find a yellow brick road and many singing munchkins.
I'm starting to miss everyone, as though I realize now that this isn't just a trip, that I'm actually moving, I miss little Shasta and my mama and papa, and so many others..... cest la vie, eh? OK... much love to you all, I hope you are well fed and laughing.


  1. We miss you too, but we know it won't be too long until we meet again. Let me know how the munchkins work out.

  2. miss you, i love that i get to read about your adventures!