Sunday, April 19, 2009

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore..

.... wait, actually we are. Kansas City, Kansas to be more exact. We left Colorado Springs last Wednesday, after a rather fun night of lindy hoppin' in Denver on Tuesday. It was a pretty bittersweet to leave, though we were excited to get back on the road and start the next leg of the journey, it was sad to leave Colorado springs, we were really starting to love it..... and Lisa, Brian's cousin. She's amazing and I miss her already.
Kansas, despite many folks lack of interest in such a place, we really think it's swell. We were greeted by driving through a rain-less lightening storm, a little nerve wrecking, but wow! Kansas is windmills, and fields of corn, wheat and sunflowers (none of which are blooming right now). It's rolling hills, big, bulging, beautiful clouds, it's everything historic, literally half of the road signs are directions to some historic site or another. We've been to quite a few towns, including the one that houses the worlds largest ball of twine!! It's pretty big, but resembles more of a dome, and wasn't as grand as I'd imagined... but the town was super cute. We also went to a town that has a dinosaur museum, awesome! Big skeletons, and robotic T-Rex that turns and roars at you when you walk by, it freaked me out.
On to Selena, another lovely town, more like a small city.... where for some unexplainable reason the universe decided I hadn't spent enough of this road trip sick, and I awoke the next morning with not only a sinus cold, but also a flu!! Yeah!! Both I believe I gathered in Colorado Springs. So Friday I laid in the back of the truck all day, with chills and a bad fever, as well a stuffy nose and headache. I woke up several times Friday night with my fever boiling and soaked in sweat, it's been rough. Now my aches are mostly gone and the main remnant is my stuffy nose. The weird thing is that I don't usually get sick, oh well.
Anyhow, yesterday we went to Wamego, to the Oz museum (The Wizard of OZ). I wish I had felt better, but it was nice anyhow. That was my favorite movie for a long time. We also went to Old Prairie Town in Topeka, which was covered in the most beautiful Tulips ever, so many
colors, and a cute little town, made of old time historic buildings, good old historic Kansas.
So far we think Kansas is pretty great. Most every town we've been to, we have decided we could live there, the people are sweet as blueberry pie, the houses are really sweet and the little main streets are classy and... historic.
I don't know why this big bread basket, sunflower state got such a bum rap, we sure like it.

Much love to you all! I hope you are healthy and enjoying the springtime, Sonoma County Style, unless of course you don't live there, then enjoy it however you can. Bye bye.


  1. I like Brian's vest. How very western of him.

  2. I'm moving to 600 South Plainville.