Monday, April 26, 2010

Time for Star Wars... again.

I have lived in West Virginia for one year as of yesterday. It has been a wonderful experience thus far, the seasons change so marvelously here. It seems we have seen the last of the snow, the birds are busy and flowers are blooming. One of my favorite Morgantown spring events is the blooming of the Dogwood trees. They bloomed just as we arrived last year and this year they have mostly all bloomed and are starting to bud out with greenery. They are such wonderful trees, gentle petals as delicate as paper halo the branches. We have several trees on the property, 2 pink and 2 white, a true song of spring.

I attempted to build a bird house and with Uncle Joe's help I got as far as the base with little bars for bird feet to stand on. In my excitement and hurry I forgot that it rains all year here and a roof of sorts was essential. Oops, It still sits downstairs in Brian's Grandpa's old workshop. A few days later however, I found a sweet little cedar birdhouse for a very reasonable price at the local Lowes. The birds are loving it! We have Cardinals, finches, Jays, and I'm pretty sure I saw a dove. It's fun to watch them, I enjoy it almost as much as Francis the kitten.

A week or so ago I decided that it would be fun to choose an actor or actress that Brian and both enjoy and watch all of the movies they have been in during their careers. ( A little ambitious, a little crazy, I know) So our first candidate is a Mr. Harrison Ford, my Star Wars nerd is very pleased with this decision.
So far we have seen 6 movies, including Episode IV. The first one was Dead Heat on a Merry Go Round in which Harrison had a brief couple of lines as a bellboy, cute. The next movie we saw, they apparently cut the scene he was in, and the following movie was really lame in my opinion, I couldn't even watch the whole thing. It was called Getting Straight. Harrison was the only redeeming part of the film. Of course he was oh so darling in American Graffiti which Brian tells me was filled in Petaluma! I kept an eye out for my mama in the back ground. Did you know that Petaluma is an interpretation of the Miwok name that means something like 'valley of little hills'? I think Petaluma is very pretty name.

Brian and I are still up in the air about what we are doing after we get married. We are trying to locate in Sonoma County, but he may have an offer in Australia which would mean a few more years away from home. That would be an adventure to say the least! He already has residency and after we marry I too can get residency. I think I'd be a bee keeper there, the world needs more bee keepers.


  1. We've been watching episodes IV, V, and VI in random orders over and over again. They are Cash's new favorites (minus the parts we fast forward or skip). I've discovered I like V a lot more than I realized, but they're all so good. So exciting about Australia! We look forward to seeing you guys.

  2. Brian says V is one of the best movies ever made! Your son sure has good taste!
    Look forward to seeing you too, take care.