Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring, is that you knocking at the door?

It's 7:27 on Monday night here in West Virginia. The snow seems to be melting at last, though we have heard of possible snow storms later this week. I do adore the snow, but find that I cannot be as excited about it as I was in the start of winter. It's hard to stay indoors so much, and it's easy to say 'well why not go outside and build a snowman'..... let me just say, a person can only happily build so many snowman. I do get outside, fortunately I walk to and from work most of the week. It's a good 40 minute walk one way when the snow is deep, so I get my fair share of the forces of nature. Lately I have been dreaming about living in Arizona, perhaps tis due to a wonderful book I just finished that took place there, or maybe a little hard desert earth and sun sound heavenly after such a winter. This is the wildest winter West Virginia has seen in years, and it's the first taste of Appalachian winter for me..... leaving a rather cold and wet taste in my mouth. I haven't been able to make it to Uncle Joe's all winter, as a matter of fact the last time I saw him was Thanksgiving when he came to our house!

I recently cancelled my facebook and myspace accounts, which actually feels quite liberating. I was tired of logging in and poking around, looking a pictures, writing on the walls of friends, and just wasting time really. I want to do something great with this life not be locked into ciber world, I long to be free of the things that don't serve me or those around me. I must ask myself what good comes from this?
Our beautiful garden gate all regal in snowy white.
Thinking about moving back to CA makes me a little jumpy, in a good way I suppose, I just want to know what to do for a living. I have too many interests and too many ideas. I'll rattle a few off for you.... I'd like to write, publish a book and see how it goes, I'd like to paint murals on children's bedroom walls (I will do this), I'd like to be a forest ranger, an astronomer, a gardener, a wedding photographer, a mother (someday), and I'd like to open a daycare with Abra. Do you think I can find time to all this? I assure you this is the short version of my list. I wish a little fairy or angel would drift down to my ear and tell me where to go from here, I know it's never that easy, but a little guidance would be so nice. I also want to finish school, I'd like to get a degree in art, with a minor in Spanish, or astronomy..... but I'd really like to work with children too.... ohh what to do, what to do? I've heard I'm young and have time to figure this out, but I guess I've been hearing that since I graduated high school... 10 years ago. Yup, my 10 year high school reunion is this year! That my friends is hard to grasp. I turn 28 this year.
I am so great full for all the wonderful people in my life, thank you for being so grand. Enjoy the miraculous transition into Spring, don't forget to stop and smell the wisteria, oh man I'm going to miss the wisteria this year.


  1. What was the Arizona book you finished?

    I dig your fb and myspace abstinence and I'm considering doing the same. I often wish I had spent an hour cooking for the people
    in my house instead of catching up on news of long lost friends.What's holding me back is my fondness of the idea that anyone from my past could find me if they wanted.

    Sometimes I want to go back to snail mail and candle light. I also long for simplicity: less content and more satisfaction.

  2. Amen nice-girl. And amen Natigan. Wishing you all inspiration on your earthly journey.

  3. Mmmm candle light and snail mail. :)
    The book is 'Animal dreams' by Barbara Kingsolver. She is amazing!