Sunday, July 4, 2010

Starbuck's Viper Paint Job

Hey pretty people. So if you remember my funky red paint job on the Karmann Ghia.... we've had a few changes. So Brian has been playing with a paint spray gun, he painted Pam the truck flat grey. It actually looks pretty good for a first car paint job. He took on the Ghia next and after a little thought we decided to use our love of the show Battlestar Galactica as the inspiration. So after a flat grey primer, a little frustration and some white Rustolium the Karmann Ghia is now a BSG viper.
We modeled the red stripes and the lettering after the viper. Captain Kara Thrace's viper to be more exact. There are a few more details yet to add, like the red part in the front and Kara Thrace's call sign "Starbuck" will be written below Kara Thrace. I'm not too sure how many more details we are going to add after that.

For a Rustolium paint job I'd say it's looking pretty good, we sure are going to look like a circus towing this across the country, everyone will think we are on the way to a BSG convention, I wish. I realize this is ultimatley geek-ish... but it's all good, I don't give a frack.


  1. That is funny, I just bought a satin-white can of Rustoleum to paint the rust spots on the top of my VW. Today is my first day spending time in it during the daytime too, so I can relax before I work tonight, by reading, e-mails.

  2. Yeah BSG! Amy and I are working are way through season 3 right now!

  3. I have no BSG ties, but I still think that friggin' rocks.