Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New York New York

I just returned to Morgantown from a week in New York. We were in Auburn for Brian's brother Wes's wedding. I'm happy that I got to see the natural side of New York, because I always think of New York City when I think of NY.... but the country side was beautiful. We were near several lakes, and all was green and full of life. It's agricultural around Auburn and there are fields of corn and other such crops. We went to Cooper's town, to the baseball hall of fame one day. Brian's family is really into baseball, though we don't really care about it one way or the other, we went along. It was a good time, we walked to the local health food store that was 20 minutes away, then came back and met up with everyone in the hall of fame. I called my dad while I was there, wanting to know where Goose Gossage would be, and he said that the man hadn't made it yet, well dad... he made it last year and we found him!
Pretty nifty eh?
JoEllen rented a house at the Inn where the wedding was. It was a 5 bedroom, and there were always people there, we stayed for the whole week, while others popped in and out closer to the actual day of the ceremony. There was lots of cooking, eating and drinking.... one night I drank and got way too sloshed, no bueno.
The wedding was lovely and Brian and I danced our fannies off, impressive, heh.
We just got home yesterday and the garden is a little sad, tomatoes fallen smashed in the mud, deer eaten gourds and morning glories, some small creature got in the garden and ate all the butter crunch lettuce, the zucchinis have a disease and I think the peas are dead. I guess it rained really hard while we were gone and then was extremely hot.... that doesn't make for happy plants. But on a nicer note, my poppies are blooming, and we have eggplant, peppers, tomatoes to pick, and one of the sugar pie pumpkins is turning orange!!

This morning we will make omelets!
More exciting news... I bought a 1971 Kharmen Ghia! It's so cute... well it's actually pretty shabby but with a little love and hard work Brian and I will have it up and running in no time! It's red, but I'm going to go orange someday (I'll put a picture of it up real soon). I'm still on the job search, I'm tired of not having an income and spending all my savings. Life is good, treating me well. I miss everyone and think of you often.

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  1. Is Goose Gossage a relative? Looking good, you too! We miss you on the dance floor. Love Gwen