Monday, February 23, 2015

"What do you drink What do you read At Breakfast And I know who You are." Muriel Barbery

I am currently reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. It's one of those novels that I've had for years, started multiple times and haven't been able to get into. It is one of my dearest friends most favorite books and I am determined to get through it this time. This thought about what we do when we first greet the day made me smile, does it say a lot about a person? How do they begin? How do you wake up in the morning. What is your ritual?
For my little family it is always the same. The baby starts to peep in her room (aka our room) around 6:30. Brian or I will rise, go gather the little tot and open the curtain to her older sisters room. The door curtain it's a beautiful thing. Every morning they wake each other up. Both girls will burst into the world, wide awake and excited for the day. We bring them into our room (aka the living room) put 2 stacks of books on the sofa, one for each of them, and crawl back into our bed. They read and play for 30 minutes or so. At 7 am one of us goes outside to let the chickens out. Brian makes breakfast, always. It started when I first got pregnant back in 2010 and has just stuck. Sometimes Lyra will help him make pancakes or waffles, she loves to be in the kitchen, dumping ingredients into the bowl, stirring and creating. We eat together, while Brian and I often work on a crossword puzzle together, we love you Thomas Joseph. After breakfast we make tea, roobios chai or some other delight. Then the four of us us sip tea with honey and nut milk and begin our day. It's the same almost every day and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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