Sunday, December 6, 2009

Appalatian Winter

The ground is painted white this morning. It's so beautiful I can't stop smiling. Snow fell all day yesterday and on Friday night. The whole town is white. It was about two inches of perfectly powdery soft snow, I walked to work while it fell... amazing. It really feels like Christmas time now, Joellen's playing of Christmas carols in the house helps. I love it. She and Brian are bringing down the decorations right now!

I have some fun news.... on the Sunday after Thanksgiving Brian proposed to me, and of course I said yes!! I am so happy, so blessed to be in such love!
My work has been quite nice, I am meeting all sorts of wonderful people and enjoying what I do. I imagine one day I will create my own business,
or be self employed in one way or another.

Brian and I have been teaching wedding first dance lessons, and we just started to teach a swing dance class last week. We shall see how that goes.

Speaking of swing dance, a few weekends ago Gwen came out to visit, and we went to Pitt Stop Lindy Hop in Pittsburgh. It was a blast!
We had a wonderful host named Mark, who used to live and dance in the bay area. We got to go to a museum, and we saw a special exhibit that was visiting from New Zealand about whales. Beautiful whales. There was a room where you could listen to the songs of all the different whales and porpoises, very magical... Brian and I have talked about
moving to New Zealand and we have a thing for whales, so it was really special. I was so glad to dance all weekend and see the wonderful Gwen!!

Lately I have been thinking poorly of the whole facebook experience. I often want to cancel my account, but I get so caught up on it sometimes, looking at pictures, and messaging old friends. I feel like it's a waste of time and a very impersonal way to have relationships. It's a bit of an addiction, I'm sure some of you can relate. I mean, why do I need to check it everyday? Is it really that important to know that Jimmy from high school went to the mall today?
Or that the girl I met on vacation had stewed beets for dinner and posted pictures of it?? The answer is no. Once a week would
suffice. Perhaps I will exercise some self control and only go on once a week, or just cancel the darn thing anyhow. I sit here blogging and wondering if it would be nice to go 100% back to hand written letters. Ha! I do my share of that, but the Internet is such a grand thing in so many ways.
We are coming home for Christmas in... 17 days! I am thrilled! Our time there will be full, with family events, both mine and Brian's, friends,
and dancing, I really hope to get as much dancing in as possible. So if you know of
anything going on while we are home, please let us know! Happy Holidays to all! I do hope to see many of you on my Christmas vacation, and get a chance to connect. My dreams of a white Christmas have come true.


  1. How exciting.... can't wait to see you guys.... if there's not enough dancing here, we'll just make some.


  2. Instead of getting rid of your facebook just get rid of all the "friends"? Stopping being a friend whore Natalie!

    - Tyler

  3. Tyler, I'm not a friend whore!! I really do know all of those people, maybe I don't know many of them very well.. maybe I should thin out my crowds. :) I wish you were coming home for Christmas, sending you love. And Clay, Yes! Let's make some dancing!